Measure "B"

Adding a one-percent sales tax is critical to providing the City of Colusa with financial stability and improving its citizens’ quality of life. The tax has the potential to generate $1.8 million in revenue for needed essential services and programs. The City of Colusa is one of only a handful of cities in the state of California that doesn’t have a special tax above its state tax.The current state tax rate is 7.25%, with only 1% of that coming back to the City. If measure B passes, the City will keep 2% of the 8.25% tax. Most important, the 1% tax would not be able to diverge from the city in any way.

Measure B would be an investment into the City to help keep Colusa safe and ensure its longevity by creating a revenue stream that will help address the infrastructure shortfalls of its roads, parks and  trees department. It will help revitalize Colusa while providing a strong public safety team. It will also enable the City to start building a capital improvement plan to ensure that it creates a better and more resilient community. 

The City has explored other funding options available but has found them to be limited. Measure B keeps all new revenue generated within the City of Colusa and holds City staff and Council accountable for the monies generated using public input via an oversight committee. This citizen committee would be in charge of guiding the spending of the additional revenue. The city must show the residents that the funds have been spent on public priorities. Measure B will expire in four years, allowing the public to evaluate how Council and the City handle the income while holding the aforementioned accountable. 

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