Public Works

The City of Colusa Public Works Department provides engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance services to the City’s infrastructure system of streets, sidewalks, curbs/gutters, street markings, traffic flow, and the storm drainage system. The Public Works Department manages these tasks through six separate divisions: City Streets, Storm Drainage, Parks, Street Trees, Graffiti Abatement, and Water/Sewer. 

David Swartz

Phone: (530)682-9832

After-hours emergency? (530) 458-7721

Damaged sidewalks caused by City Trees are the City’s responsibility. All other damage is the fronting property owner’s responsibility. Street repair such as potholes is the City’s responsibility. Please fill out the form below to report any damages.

Occurs monthly within City limits. Business downtown area is swept every Thursday.

  • Leaf pickup is November 1st – December 31st.  Leaf piles are to be cleared away from the street gutters for pickup. Green waste piles should be from City trees waste only.
  • Piles left on the street after December 31st and before November 1st will be picked up for a fee charged to the fronting property owner.
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