Code Enforcement

Our Mission is to promote and maintain a high quality of life where people live and work.

Code Enforcement investigates violations of housing, zoning, weed abatement, vehicle abatement and cannabis ordinances / codes within the City of Colusa. We work to achieve voluntary compliance through notification and education. When necessary, we use legal procedures including junk removal, rubbish and junk vehicles. Our goal is to maintain and improve property values and the quality of life for residents, visitors and business owners.

Emmanuel “Manny” Soto

Phone: (530) 458-4941 Ext. 3102

Se Habla Español


To report any violations (nuisance, illicit activity, etc.) you can reach out by:

  • Website portal
  • Phone – (530) 458-4941 ext. 3102
  • In person – City Hall – 425 Webster Street Colusa, Ca 95932
    • Monday through Thursday 7:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M
  • Documents and links below
Why Enforce City Codes / Ordinances?
  • Protect health and safety
  • Assist in the fight against crime
  • Help maintain property values
Our Formula for Success? 


The City of Colusa Council has adopted Municipal Codes (Laws) to address any nuisances, and abatement concerns throughout the city. With the assistance of local agencies and our community, we are able to help in the mitigation of these matters. Together we can continue to beautify and create a safe environment for our citizens and visitors.

How You Can Help!
  • Keep all property free of trash, debris, and overgrown, dead or unmanaged landscaping
  • Keeping grounds and structures clean and tidy
  • Removing inoperable vehicles off the streets, (expired registration, broken down, junk vehicles), and off the property in view of the public
  • Do not tolerate illicit activity
  • Report violations and nuisances

Working together, we can work to preserve the beautiful neighborhoods of Colusa.

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