City Parks

Colusa Levee Scenic Park 

Located on 10th and Main St. adjacent to Sacramento River Recreation Area. The park is placed on 2.19 acres and built upon the Sacramento River Levee. The park includes: grass, trees, paved walking, jogging or biking trail, picnic tables, and BBQ pits. 

Memorial Park 

Located on 10th and Market Streets. This Park is placed on 2.35 acres with shady, tree-filled grassy areas with a children’s play area that includes swings, a slide, rock-climbing wall, a 20′ x 20′ concrete stage, picnic tables and public restroom. Electricity available for public events. 

A.B. Davison Park

Located on 10th St. between Webster and Parkhill. This park is situated on 1.02 with shady tree-filled grassy areas with paved walking paths throughout. 

Municipal Swimming Pool

Located on 9th St. between Webster and Parkhill. The Municipal Swimming Pool includes One 8ft deep Pool, One 3ft. deep pool, and one wading pool. Open during the summer only. 

Will S. Green Park

Located on 8th St. between Webster and Parkhill. This park is located near the Municipal Swimming pool on 2.35 acres that includes Barbeque facilities, picnic tables, horseshoe pit, basketball half court, children play area with swings, slide, jungle gym, and glider swings for tots. This is a great area for family activities. 

Sankey/Elmwood Park 

Located between Webster and Parkhill and 3rd and 4th Streets. This 0.58 acre park includes a kindergarten playground with slide, swings, drinking fountain, picnic tables, BBQ pit, restrooms, lighted tennis courts, and volleyball area. Electricity available for public events. 

C.D. Semple Park 

Located on the corner of 3rd and Larson Ln. This 1.2 acre park is an open grass area that includes a children’s play area, basketball court, restrooms and covered in great shade trees and grassy areas with picnic tables and BBQ facilities. 

Leland L. Taylor Memorial Park

Located on Country Club Dr.. The park is placed on an acre of open grass area for play, in addition to picnic tables. 

King-Vale Park

Located on 3rd. Street. This 0.30 Acre park is a large sandy area with children’s tot lot with swings and a slide

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