Business Burglary Prevention Tips

  1. Be sure that all doors and windows are secured at the end of each business day/night.
  2. Police recommend both exterior and interior lighting at night. An interior light helps Police detect movement or other changes inside.
  3. Have your alarms in good working order. Be sure to have someone to be responsible for turning them on/off and provide a call out number in case alarm is activated.
  4. Empty cash drawers, leaving them open during none business hours and secure money in a safe or vault.
  5. Make both starting and ending money counts each business day/night.
  6.  Report any suspicious customer contacts to Police.
  7. If your business has been tampered with in any way, have Police take a look at it. (example: doors or windows)
  8. If you discover you have been burglarized, leave your business and call Police immediately.
  9. Feel free to contact Police at any time with any questions about business security.
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