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Created in 1917, the Fire/Building Department is staffed by a fully qualified inspector, certified in all areas of the fire and building codes. An inspector examines both commercial & residential buildings for compliance with all applicable building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, energy, fire and life-safety codes. Inspections are scheduled Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Once you receive your building permit, please fill out the form below to schedule inspections:


    The building inspection card (job card) and a set of approved plans (stamped “approved” by the Building Department) must be posted at the job site. 
    A contact number should be provided in case of time or date change of inspection. 
    If an inspection is called for and the job is not complete, a re-inspection fee of $98.00 may be imposed. 
    ALL inspection sites must be properly addressed and clearly visible from the road for easy access. This is not only a building inspection request, but it is also necessary for the U.S. Mail, 911 emergency calls, and/or fire calls. 

    If all of the above procedures are not followed, your inspection may not be scheduled! To ensure you receive your inspection in a timely manner, be sure to follow the above list!